The new winery

The Buonamico’s Estate is situated south-west of Montecarlo, in the Cercatoia area, and covers an area of 41 hectares, 36 of them with specialized vineyards

The new tasting room

The company was founded in 1964 by famous restaurateurs from Turin, now owned by the Fontana’sfamily has been expanded, both as a land of vineyards that as a cellar .

The historic cellar "The Hell"

Every room in the cellar has been structured to be shared with the many fans who come to see us every day

Night view of the cellar

The Buonamico’s Estate want to place them self on the market as a leader in Montecarlo for the production of fine wines

The vineyards

The winemaker Alberto Antonini follows the entire production from the harvest of 2008, sharing a multi-year program to improve the quality.

Our Wine

Tuscanity towards the world.
This is Buonamico philosophy, that operates since 1964 with maximum attention to the production of high quality wines.! Capable to express the tastes, flavours and emotions of Montecarlo ‘s land. The selected grapes come exclusevly from our proprety that due to tradition and techniques of manufacture, express at best Montecarlo tipical characteristics.
A Land that from last century is conquering an international clientele with white and red wines of absolute value.
Tenuta del Buonamico: a Toscan wine that wants to conquer the world.

Our sparkling wines

Montecarlo was born as a land for great white wines, and could not miss a production of qualitative Sparkling Wines, a path that we started to follow with determination from the 2010 Harvest. Great success that we obtained already with our first experimental production. Following the Martinotti or Charmat method in autoclave orizzontali custom fitted, for 120 days, a Sparkling Brut and a Sparkling Brut Rosé. The intire productive cycle, same as the rest of our wines, is developed inside the cellar and let us control the evolution, which is always finalized to get better and better, harvest after harvest.

Our olive Oil

A very small selected production, less than 500 plants between Frantoio, Leccino and Pendolino, that express at their best their potentials between this hills for an extra virgin olive oil with a very low acidity and fruitiness.
This characteristics are typical of a great quality olive oil boasts the DOP Lucca denomination. A Partnership with an agricultural company in Bibbona Alta Maremma, for an olive oil, Oro di Re, extra virgin olive oil , of high quality in respect of the typical Tuscan cultivar, a high range olive oil to complete our selected production. Available in different sizes from bottles to tins.

Winery tour

Buonamico Winery offers you the chance to visit the cellar and to taste the olive oil and wines with three formulas suited for every demand. We welcome groups from 2 to 80 persons, every type …

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