Particolare Inedito
Sparkling wine from Tuscany
Origin area
Loc. Cercatoia, Montecarlo Municipality
Medium texture
Sangiovese and Syrah of differentvintages partially aged in Tonneaux for 8 months
Fermentation and ageing
Sparkling wine inification according to the Charmat method which is carried out in an autocla e specificly made for Buonamico: the sparkling wine inification process is carried out in an autocla e at a constantly monitored temperature, where the selected yeasts create an optimal fermentation. Once the fermentation - approximately 6 months - has been completed, the product is immediately filtered in order to preser e its natural freshness. The final bottling stage is carried out after the product has been left to age for se eral weeks in an autocla e. The wine is then left to age in the bottle for an additional period of 90 days.
Alcol %
Dark green Champagne bottle of 0,750 ml in boxes of 6 bottles Dark green Champagne bottle of 1,5 l in pouches of 1 bottle Jeroboam 3 lt and Magnum 6 lt

Emotional and sensorial charateristics

A 100% Pinot Blanc sparkling wine, it has really unique characteristics, given in particular by the ageing into French oak tonneaux for 6 – 9 months, and it combines elegance and complexity, a pleasant taste and a very high intensity.
It has an extremely deep flavour, with yellow fruit, peach and apple smell, and a structured and complex taste; the high acidity is in contrast with a balanced sugar content.
The perlage is very fine and the end is very complex and incredibly persistent.

To be served at 8 - 10°C.

It is particularly well matched with fish or white meat.
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