Work in the Vineyards

A four seasons path

The harvest is normally done by hand, using small cases, or with the help of a last generation harvesting machine, which allows us to better preserve the integrity of the grapes.

This machine lets us work at night, in order to collect the grapes and bring them to the cellar with the lowest temperature, which is essential for an optimal aromatic extraction.
The use of the machine also allows us to greatly reduce the harvesting time and to intervene during the highest qualitative expression, which is determined by the combination of polyphenolic and technological ripeness.
During the harvest we select the grapes and we remove all the bunches that show signs of imperfection.
Certain vintages or varieties may require multiple steps in order to pick up the grapes when they are perfectly mature.
During the winter our qualified staff starts the pruning procedures. We have two different farming techniques according to the grape variety and the location of the plot. For the Spurred Cordon we do an initial passage with the pre-pruner and then we use the actual pruner; in the Guyot system, on the other hand, everything is done manually, including the tying of the head tips, which are renewed every year. Work begins in the vineyard before the bud break in early spring. We select the weeds to remove; we fertilize the soil after a careful analysis to replenish the nutritional elements absorbed by the plants during the previous years. Everything is always done in respect of the vineyard’s ecosystem and with the greatest attention to the environment.
When the day gets longer and the vegetation grows quickly we start all the mechanical works of the soil, the protection of the vines and the management of the growth of the vegetation itself.
The pruning techniques are extremely important for a high quality management. We select the shoots that will bear the grapes and will allow the renewal of the production structure the following year. Furthermore, based on the seasonal progress and the oenological objectives, a number of important activities are developed, such as bud removal, the peeling and the thinning of the bunch.

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