Collodi’s history is related to the events of the garzoni family, which is, according to the historians, very similar to the various happenings of the Uberti family from Florence.

The Garzoni familyused to belong to the Ghibellines, so they were historivcal enemies of the florentine Guelfs.
Since the moment when (1339) Florence increased its dominationl of the Valdinievole, the Garzoni family was forced to hemigrate to Lucca, where it was welcome.
After becoming “lucchese”, the family kept on controlling its own properties in Collodi, San Martino and Sesto.
The old village, whose existence has been documented starting from the end of the XX century, has an origin that can be considered similar to many other medieval villages: it was mainly built for military purposes, because people had to move to the top of a hill to protect themselves from possible attacks of the enemies.
The village’s structure is similar to a “waterfall” of small houses just climbing the sides of a steep hill, displayed on the sides of two triangles whose vertexes are in contact one with the other. At the base of the upper triangle there is the Old Fortification, at the other base there is the huge Villa Garzoni, which was build upon the ruins of the old medieval castle, and which seems to sustain the whole village
As long as people walk through the narrow streets of the village, they can notice how surprisingly well kept is Collodi.
People can still admire the stones that pave the small streets within the houses which mainly maintain their own medieval style, the ruins of the fortified structures, such as some of the main entrances to the village, and at the very end there is still the Rocca (castle) with a big wall surrounding it and some towers, one of which has been turned into a belfry.
From the top of the village, people can see the wonderful pieve di St Bartolomeo, from whose point of view there is an astonishing panorama.
Nowadays Collodi is focused on tourism, with Villa Garzoni and its own “Italian Style “ garde, the Butterfly House and the famous Pinocchio’s Park.
Every day of the year, but mainly from April to October, Collodi is full of visitors from Italy andall over the world.
During the last week of August Collodi celebrates its own Patron Saint Bartolomeo. The village becomes richer in terms of funny happenings and important religious events.

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