Montecatini Terme

Montecatini is set west of Serravalle Pistoiese, at the extreme periphery of the Apennines, and it occupies the central part of the Valdinievole. Since the very beginning the city has developed around its biggest source, the termal water, which spontaneously flows from the ground.
The whole city structure is organized in order to be in harmony with the nature, so visitors can relax just walking through its boulevards or in the parks that surround the nine watering places: Tettuccio, Excelsior, Regina, Salute, Tamerici, Redi, Torretta, Leopoldine and Grocco.
The presence of many famous artists such as the musicians Verdi, Rossini, Leoncavallo, Puccini and Mascagni, made the place be even more known.
Montecatini water is extremely useful and healthy for liver and stomach.
The park called “Panteraie” is structured with a “percorso vita” (guided gymn and training within the park itself), even if it is not part or the Health Spa; there are also health walking sessions, a bar and a restaurant.
Montecatini is a touristic place, so it offers a lot of leisure opportunities. For those who love sports or prefer to watch sport events there are several places in the city with many different opportunities: from the racecourse where many international competitions are held, to golf, trapshooting and mainly basketball.
For those who love shopping Montecatini offers a wide range of shops, from the traditional handicraft shops to the prestigious boutiques. It also guarantees night entertainment, and it offers a huge variery of restaurants where people can enjoy the typical Tuscan Cuisine, and then places with live music or discotheques.
In Montecartini people can use a very unusual vehicle called Funicolare, which connects Montecatini Terme to Montecatini Alto, a small village whose origin is before the eleventh century. The Funicolare was built in 1850. It still perfectly works, and it has the original wagons with wooden interiors.
Montecatini Alto gives the visitor the chance to walk through a very old village together with the most modern comforts.

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