Pietrasanta is a village with 24.931 inhabitants under the province of Lucca, in Tuscany.
It is the main center of Versilia; it is known for marble and bronze handicrafts which are popular internationally, and it is a meeting point for sculptors from all over the world.
The village, with an historical center that is well kept and rich of monuments, became a real city of art within the last years, with several art galleries and big seasonal exhibitions on the Dome’s Square and St Agostino’s Church.
Just climbing to Capriglia and Capezzano Monte, two small fractions 350 mt above sea level, people can enjoy a beautiful view of the Ligure and Tirreno seas, with an astonishing panorama that goes from the Palmaria Isle, in La Spezia’s gulf, to the coast of Livorno and the Gorgona isle.
During sunny days people can clearly distinguish Elba isle, Corsica and sometimes the Marittime Alps beyond Liguria coast.
Marina di Pietrasanta is on the other hand very popular for the big pinewood where every summer there is the Versiliana Festival.
People can find the famous St. Stefano’s parish church in Vallecchia.
Strettoia, where there is a very old church which has been rebuilt after the World war, is a separated hamlet outside of the rest of the village, whose origin is due to the break up of the Municipality of Pietrasanta after the creation of the Municipality of Forte dei Marmi. This was supported by the Senator Montauti from Lucca, whose sponsors were the Siemens-Schuckert Counts , the owners of a part of the pinewood close to the coast, who were interested into a direct administration of the territory.

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