Great success to Merano Wine Hunter

In 1992 the Merano Wine Festival was created by Helmut Kocher, a world-renowned wine expert who decided to organize an event in which to enhance the elegance and excellence of the products. In conjunction with the Festival Kocher decides to …


Buonamico: for the wedding of your dreams

In the mind of every couple, the wedding day is a memorable moment, to be remembered for a lifetime, in which everything must be perfect….. Nowadays the desire for contact with nature is growing more and more overwhelmingly, meaning by …


Success to Concours Rosa Rosati Rosé

The Rosa Rosati Rosé competition was born with the intention of creating a guide dedicated to pink wines, which are becoming so popular not only in Italy, but also throughout the rest of the world, due to their versatility.

The …


The International Women’s day

March 8 is women’s day. But where does this tradition come from? This holiday is usually connected to two distinct events. The first dates back to March 1911, the year in which a group of workers from a New York …


Epiphany and Moscato

Tomorrow is Epiphany day, which in the West is traditionally celebrated on January 6th. The word Epiphany comes from the Greek, and means “manifestation of divinity”. There are two legends related to the origin of this celebration. The first has …


The new vintage of the Extra Virgin Olive oil

Finally last week Tenuta del Buonamico launched the new vintage of its Extra Virgin Olive Oil. A new oil is always advisable, because it has a more intense and piquant flavor than an old oil, which has little body and …


Thanksgiving, turkey and Vasario

In America, one of the most important holidays of the year, along with Christmas and July 4th, is Thanksgiving, which falls every fourth Thursday in November, and therefore this year will be November 24th.

The festival originates from the moment …


Buonamico wines to be paired with mushrooms

This month Tenuta del Buonamico has chosen for you its flagship white, the Vasario IGT Toscana, and a more drinkable red, the Montecarlo Rosso DOC Etichetta Blu, to suggest combinations with typical autumn dishes.

Vasario is a pure Pinot Blanc, …


Halloween and Tenuta wines

On October 31st, as everyone knows, Halloween is celebrated, a very heartfelt holiday, particularly in Anglo-Saxon countries, but which in recent years has also taken hold here in Italy. It is a celebration of Celtic origin, which has taken on …


Tenuta del Buonamico@Lucca Film Festival

Also this year the Lucca Film Festival ended, which this year reached its eighteenth edition, and was held from 23 September to 2 October. During the event short films and feature films are presented, directors, actors and films are awarded, …

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