The new vintage of the Extra Virgin Olive oil

Finally last week Tenuta del Buonamico launched the new vintage of its Extra Virgin Olive Oil. A new oil is always advisable, because it has a more intense and piquant flavor than an old oil, which has little body and …


Thanksgiving, turkey and Vasario

In America, one of the most important holidays of the year, along with Christmas and July 4th, is Thanksgiving, which falls every fourth Thursday in November, and therefore this year will be November 24th.

The festival originates from the moment …


Buonamico wines to be paired with mushrooms

This month Tenuta del Buonamico has chosen for you its flagship white, the Vasario IGT Toscana, and a more drinkable red, the Montecarlo Rosso DOC Etichetta Blu, to suggest combinations with typical autumn dishes.

Vasario is a pure Pinot Blanc, …


Halloween and Tenuta wines

On October 31st, as everyone knows, Halloween is celebrated, a very heartfelt holiday, particularly in Anglo-Saxon countries, but which in recent years has also taken hold here in Italy. It is a celebration of Celtic origin, which has taken on …


Tenuta del [email protected] Film Festival

Also this year the Lucca Film Festival ended, which this year reached its eighteenth edition, and was held from 23 September to 2 October. During the event short films and feature films are presented, directors, actors and films are awarded, …


Montecarlo Wine Festival

The long-awaited Montecarlo Wine Festival will officially begin on September 1st, after a year with a reduced version due to the covid. At 7.30 pm on Thursday the Major Federico Carrara will officially start the dances with the cutting of …


Tenuta del [email protected] Summer Festival

The twenty-fourth edition of the Lucca Summer Festival ended on 31 July, the most important music festival held since 1998 in Piazza Napoleone, right in the center of Lucca. Every year nationally and internationally renowned artists alternate on stage in …


“Ferragosto” barbecue and Buonamico wines

The name “Ferragosto” derives from the Latin “Feriae Augusti”, that is “The rest of Augustus”.

In fact, the whole month of August is dedicated to Octavian Augustus, the first emperor of Rome, who was considered a kind of demigod by …


Paper Ostriches at Tenuta del Buonamico

2022 sees the opening of the eleventh edition of Lucca Biennale Cartasia, the first international art festival dedicated to paper and its forms, an open-air exhibition where artists try their hand at creating large paper works. Lucca Biennale is, therefore, …


The Harvest has officially begun!

Today the harvest has officially begun at Tenuta del Buonamico.

The first evidence of the harvest dates back to 10,000 BC, in the areas of the “Fertile Crescent”, that is, today’s Palestine, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon, as well as, more …

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