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What is Black Friday?

The awaited event of Black Friday 2021 is getting closer and closer, and once again, a wide range of discounts and super offers on our wines and extra-virgin olive oils will be available. The date to be circled on the calendar is November 26th.

Every year the day dedicated to Black Friday changes because it goes according to the Thanksgiving holiday, usually celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States. Black Friday is, therefore, the following Friday. The custom, typical of the USA, has also spread in Europe, particularly in Italy, starting from 2011, the year in which the “giant” Apple proposed a series of discounts that immediately captured the public’s attention, obtaining an ever-increasing success.

There are two theories regarding the origin of this event: ​​some think that the expression “Black Friday” was born in Philadelphia and refers to the heavy and congested traffic that develops for the occasion. For others, however, it would refer to the significant earnings that companies make on that day. The accounting books would go from red (loss) to black (which symbolizes gain), and hence the idea of ​​associating the color “black” with this day.

In 1924, the giant Macy’s distribution chain decided to organize a parade to celebrate the beginning of Christmas shopping. Still, it was only in the 1980s that this tradition exploded in the United States. Thanks to the most well-known online commerce sites, Black Friday has spread everywhere, including countries such as India and Japan.

How does Black Friday work?

On this day, e-commerce sites, supermarkets, and various shops offer their goods on sale for Christmas purchases, with fixed-term offers with a quick deadline that can vary from a few minutes to an hour. In recent years, however, the idea was to extend the discounts to a whole week, the Black Week, which culminates with Black Friday, and then resumes the following Monday with Cyber ​​Monday, for those who have not been able to take advantage of the special offers of the stores.

Tenuta del Buonamico, which loves to keep up with the times, also offers exceptional discounts on its wines and extra-virgin olive oils from  November 20th, until Monday, November 29th.

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