June in the vineyard and in the cellar

June is a very busy month in the countryside, as, in order for the grapes to grow in the best possible way, there are many fundamental activities to do.

The vine is a continuously growing plant, therefore it does not stop developing; precisely for this reason the vegetation tends to thicken, often being invasive. This can create various problems, starting with the greater difficulty in carrying out subsequent processing. The biggest problem, however, is represented by the fact that too dense foliage can create a microclimate favorable to the proliferation of molds. That is why, precisely in this period, we must proceed with the stripping and topping operations, to ensure that the vegetation continues to photosynthesize in the young system and remains contained within the structure both in height and in thickness.

We proceed with the elimination of 4-5 basal leaves, close to the bunches. Early defoliation, carried out between the end of May and the beginning of June, is usually done after fruit set, that is the transformation from flower to cluster with “peppercorn berries”. This operation significantly reduces the risk of rot. It also promotes the prevention of the onset of diseases and parasites, such as downy mildew, botrytis and cochineal, and the effectiveness of pesticide products is optimized. At the same time, grapes richer in polyphenols are also obtained, responsible for the taste and color of the wine, which also act as natural preservatives. From a health point of view, polyphenols are very important, as they are powerful antioxidants, which protect against free radicals. They also protect the health of the eyes, improve blood circulation, promote the well-being of the heart and blood; they also have an anti-inflammatory, neuro-protective, antimicrobial and anti-carcinogenic action.

The secondary shoots that form in the internodes under the clusters are also removed, i.e. the elimination of new early shoots that originate from the “femminelle”, which are ready buds of the shoots of the year. Femminelle can produce clusters that ripen later compared to normal clusters. This bundling risks producing a microclimate that can be favorable to pathogens, and that can prevent perfect penetration of plant protection products.

The use of these products must be limited to what is strictly necessary, and clearly documented. Tenuta del Buonamico is in fact proud of having obtained the certification of sustainability, essential for the protection of the environment and for the production of wines that are safe for the health of the consumer, as well as able to enhance the patrimonial, historical, cultural and landscape aspects.

In the cellar, however, the activity is frenetic, between decanting, filtering and bottling. The sparkling wine production of the Inedito line also began.

Tenuta del Buonamico has a production of about 140,000 bottles of sparkling wine, and in just 11 years we have become the largest producers of bubbles in Tuscany. The production of sparkling wines began almost as a gamble, with the production of Particolare Brut and Particolare Brut Rosé, for a total of about 2000 bottles. Success came immediately, and this prompted us to look for new solutions. Thus were born the two sparkling wines of the Inedito line, which have given a turning point in our production, which has increasingly moved towards products of the highest quality.

The two Inedito, so called to emphasize their uniqueness and differentiate them from the first two, undergo a second fermentation according to a long Charmat method, that has a duration of about 6 months.

The Spumante Inedito Particolare Brut Nature comes from a pure Pinot Blanc, coming from selected grapes. Before sparkling, a part of the Pinot Blanc is placed in French oak tonneaux for about 6 – 7 months. The sparkling wine is made in a horizontal autoclave specially made for Buonamico, at a constantly controlled temperature. Here, thanks to the selected yeasts, there is an optimal froth, followed by immediate filtration, to preserve the natural freshness. Bottling is preceded by a few weeks of aging in autoclave.

With an alcohol content of 12.5%, it has a beautiful straw yellow color with golden reflections. On the nose it combines elegance and complexity, pleasantness and sensorial depth. Of great intensity, it has notes of yellow-fleshed fruit, apple and peach. On the palate it is structured, and the marked acidity contrasts with a balanced sugar content. Since last year we have decided to transform it into “nature”, that is with a very low sugar content, of about 1.8 grams per liter, in order to increase its prestige and elegance. The perlage is also very elegant, which is fine and persistent. There are also some bitter notes due to the permanence in wood.

We advise you to accompany it with white meats or fish, perhaps for a summer barbecue with friends, to fully enjoy all its characteristics.

The Spumante Inedito Particolare Brut Rosé Nature, on the other hand, comes from a blend of Sangiovese and Syrah from different vintages. Also in this case a part of it ages in Tonneaux for about 8 months. The sparkling process takes place according to the methods used for the Inedito Brut, that is, using horizontal autoclaves where the wine is left to ferment with selected yeasts for about 6 months. This is followed by an aging in autoclave for a few weeks. The process ends with bottling, which is the final stage.

Of a beautiful cherry pink color, the nose is elegant and complex, with aromas of pink-fleshed fruits, apple and peach.

The taste is complex and structured. Remarkably persistent, it has a fine and elegant perlage. Also in this case the choice was made to produce it “nature” to increase its prestige.

Particularly suitable for tasty fish, such as grilled salmon, with shellfish and white meats, it will pleasantly surprise you with a platter of typical Tuscan cold cuts. Seeing is believing!


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