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The greatest quality for our wines in respect of the territory

The evolution of the company includes the planting on the vacant land; the wine growing area reaches a total of 48 hectares. Some of the older and less productive vineyards have been replaced with new vines of higher density per hectare. The new vines are exclusively derived from noble stocks, including white grapes such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Vermentino and Viogner, and red grape varieties such as Sangiovese, Syrah and Canaiolo. An experimental vineyard of Canaiolo Rosa and Buonamico varieties was created in order to monitor the development of the vines over time and to maintain the heritage, which has nearly completely disappeared on a national level, of these two types of grape varieties, with the ultimate goal of using them for the Estate’s rosé wine. From 2008 we have the external collaboration of the famous winemaker Alberto Antonini, who has a multi-year development program to improve the quality of the existing wines, while keeping an eye on market trends. The renovation of the Estate was coordinated by architect Paolo Riani. In addition to several internal and external tasting rooms, including our panoramic terraces, the charming and historical cellar known as “l’Inferno” has also been renovated. Here visitors can enjoy our winery’s winemaking history, from the first bottle, 1964, to the latest vintage. The cellar has been expanded and integrated with the best equipment for winemaking, bottling and wine storage, like the barrels cellar where the wines are left to lay in an elegant environment that guests can visit, with controlled temperature and humidity.
An entire area has been dedicated to the aging of reserve wines, with a special temperature-controlled and accurately dehumidified environment. The company has quickly obtained wines of the best quality, in maximum respect of the land and with an open mind on new developments in wine-making techniques.

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