Astonishing International Awards for Tenuta del Buonamico!

2021 has been a very successful year for Tenuta del Buonamico. We have received different prizes in several international competitions, and we have seen our wines appreciated and recognized by the most famous wine experts throughout the World. This appreciation rewards our efforts to produce high-quality wines that can be impressive to the most expert palates.

Here, below the list of our awards:


Concours Mondial de Bruxelles:

It is an international competition that has taken place every year since 1994. With an average of 10.000 participants, the Concours selects the best wines to guarantee the highest quality products.

The organizers have chosen wines from 46 different countries this year, and Italy was one of the most successful.

Tenuta del Buonamico has been awarded two Silver Medals for Spumante Particolare Brut Rosé, his top-seller sparkling wine, and M.I.O Igt Toscana 2020, a wonderful and semi-aromatic white wine.

Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA):

This wine competition is one of the most prestigious wine competitions in the World for its strict tasting process and wines selection.

The 18th edition has seen the success of Buonamico with its beautiful red wine Montecarlo Rosso Doc Etichetta Blu 2018, awarded with a Silver Medal. This award confirms that this traditional but innovative wine is one of the most appreciated products among Buonamico’s still wines.


The U.S.A. Wine Ratings:

Created by the Beverage Trade Network, the leading online marketing and B2B networking platform for suppliers, buyers, and beverage professionals, the U.S.A. Wine Ratings select the best wines following three criteria: Quality, Value, and Package.

Winning this competition is not easy: wine must be of the highest quality, be distinctive on the shelf, and guarantee the right balance between quality and price.

This year Tenuta del Buonamico got 83/100 points for his Montecarlo Rosso DOC Etichetta Blu 2018, and so it has been awarded the Silver MedalSpumante Particolare Brut Rosé, with its 84/100 points score, has been awarded another prestigious Silver Medal.

Japan Awards:

This competition takes place every year to help Asian distributors choose high-quality wines that Japanese and Asian customers could appreciate.

The jury is mainly composed of import-export buyers and experts in food and beverage.

2021 Edition has been highly satisfactory to Tenuta del Buonamico. We participated with three of our wines. We got incredible results: Spumante Particolare Brut Rosé and M.I.O. Viognier I.G.T. Toscana 2020 won two Gold Medals while the Riserva Cercatoja Igt Toscana 2017 has won a Silver Medal.


James Suckling Reviews:

Mr. Suckling is one of the most important wine connoisseurs in the World. With his 30 years of experience in reviewing wines from all over the five continents, he tasted more than 4000 wines per year during his collaboration with Wine Spectator. In 2010 Suckling created his website to select the best products. His criteria to judge a wine are different from most wine experts: he considers wine a mix of irrational emotions, impossible to explain, but unique as every artwork. Good wine doesn’t have to be analyzed but must arise the same feelings evoked by music, literature, and love.

Here’s the list of scores Tenuta del Buonamico has been awarded:

Vasario IGT Toscana 2019 : 90/100

Montecarlo Bianco DOC Etichetta Bianca 2020: 91/100

M.I.O Viognier IGT Toscana 2020: 91/100

Vivi Vermentino IGT Toscana 2020: 91/100

Dea Rosa IGT Toscana 2020: 91/100

Cercatoja IGT Toscana 2017: 93/100

Il Fortino Syrah IGT Toscana 2017: 94/100

An excellent result for Buonamico’s production that makes us very proud of our job.


Wine Hunter Awards:

Helmut Kocher, the well-known wine expert, became “Wine Hunter” in 1992 when he founded the famous Merano Wine Festival. Being Wine Hunter means that he tastes more than 5000 wines every year, looking for the highest quality products which perfectly combine tradition and innovation.

Tenuta del Buonamico participated in the competition with the excellent white reserve Vasario I.G.T. Toscana 2018, awarded “Red Wine Hunter” for wines whose score is between 90 and 92 points out of 100.

All these awards push us to keep working harder and harder to produce high-quality wines ever because excellence is never enough.

Stay tuned for more awards!


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