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Since 2008, with the arrival of the new owners, the Fontana family, Tenuta del Buonamico has seen an expansion from year to year, both in terms of vineyard area and “news”. For example, in 2011 there was the construction of the belvedere area, with the new warehouse and the cellar dedicated to bottling, as well as the renovation of the historic cellar, the Inferno, a sort of path in the life of Buonamico, with the exhibition of bottles of all vintages, starting with the first bottle dated 1964. In 2018, our Buonamico Wine Resort was built, with the Syrah restaurant attached. A building with a domed roof, made with the shape of vine leaf, which integrates well with the landscape, combining modern and design lines with natural materials, especially in the wooden vault. An environment immersed in the green of the vineyards, where you can spend a relaxing holiday, surrounded by all comforts, including the outdoor swimming pool and the wellness center, where you can enjoy a relaxing massage, a sauna or a regenerating herbal tea.

The rooms, each named after a vine, have terraces overlooking the pool or overlooking the vineyards, where you can enjoy breakfast, or a glass of wine at sunset.

From this year on, there will also be a swimming pool service for the exclusive use of the guests of the resort, with the possibility of ordering aperitifs, baskets for picnics in the vineyard or a simple glass to be enjoyed in the shade of our olive trees.

We propose below the typical day for a relaxing stay, both for couples and families:

after waking up, immersed in the sounds of nature and away from the chaos and traffic of the city, you can enjoy a splendid breakfast in your room, to immediately start the day with sweetness. If you prefer, and the season allows it, we advise you to have breakfast on the terrace, where the panorama of the vineyards will leave you breathless. You can then spend the morning relaxing by the pool, or you can book a tasting at the cellar. Here a qualified staff will welcome you and take you on a tour of the production area, to touch the care with which our products are made. You will be shown the history of the cellar, and you will follow the path of the wine step by step, from the stainless steel vat to the barrel room, up to the moment of bottling. At this point you can taste our products, both the wines and the extra-virgin olive oil, which will be served on the “sciocco (non salted)” bread of Altopascio. The wines will be accompanied by a platter of typical local cold cuts and cheeses, and the organoleptic characteristics of each wine will be described, in order to make you appreciate each product at its best.

After the tasting you can also buy our products at the cellar shop.

Once the tasting is over, we advise you to order the picnic basket, for a light lunch to be consumed in the green of the vineyards, or on the magnificent terrace of the Syrah restaurant.

In the afternoon, the most tireless will be able to organize a trip to Lucca, a splendid city located a few kilometers from the Wine Resort, and easily reachable by both the motorway and the most recommended panoramic road. For those who do not want to go too far, we offer you an almost “zero kilometer” alternative: where the hill of Montecarlo slopes down on the north side in the town of S. Martino in Colle, you can admire the “Quercione del Carrara”, a real gem for lovers of nature and local legends. It is a monumental downy oak, (Quercus pubescens), whose age exceeds 500 years, the height of 14 meters, the circumference of the stem 4 meters and the opening of the branches over 30 meters. It is the oak with the widest canopy in Europe, and it is truly a monumental plant. The surrounding lawn is a suggestive place and meeting place for romantic encounters. The Legend says that its branches developed downwards, instead of upwards, as they normally would, because they would have been bent by the weight of the witches, who would have held their sabbaths here on full moon nights. Furthermore, the legend also has it that this tree inspired the writer Collodi, who here would have placed the passage in which the cat and the fox hang Pinocchio, after having stolen the money that the puppet had naively buried, hoping to obtain a tree of gold coins.

Legend, fiction or reality, the fact is that this huge and very old plant really deserves at least a souvenir photo. Try to embrace its trunk and you will realize its grandeur.

After a peaceful afternoon, perhaps followed by a visit to the sauna, or a nice massage, we recommend a dip in the pool at sunset, perhaps accompanied by a glass of wine, which will be an invigorating aperitif.

At this point it will be dinner time, and you cannot miss a visit to the Syrah restaurant, where chef Stefano Chiappelli will delight you with his menus, all based on typical Tuscan food, but revisited in a gourmet key, and our maitre Andrea Minuti will be able to advise you on the best combinations with our wines. The panorama of the Monte Carlo hills will leave you breathless, with the town dotted with lights to brighten the darkness of the cool summer nights.

The day can be concluded on the terrace in the room, where you can enjoy a last glass of wine, which the reception staff will have brought to your room as a welcome bottle.

After a night of comfort and relaxation, surrounded by the design of the beautiful rooms, you will be regenerated and ready for a new day in the green hills of Lucca.

A certainly amazing experience, which we are sure will leave you with indelible memories.


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